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      A Complete Success- Neway CNC Equipment Open House



      Neway CNC Equipment Open House was kicked off at the Radisson Hotel and Neway Factory on October 28th. The theme is NEWAY OPENHOUSE WORLDWIDE 2019 (N.O.W 2019), WE BELIEVE, WE CAN, WE JUST DO IT.

      IMG_2608 副本.jpg

      We invited hundreds of people from all over the world to participate in the event. At the meeting, Steven Guo, general manager of Neway CNC Equipment, expressed the development history and the future goals of Neway CNC Equipment. Meanwhile, Sealy Hu, deputy general manager, shared the sales strategy of Neway with visiting guests. Besides, Neway CNC Equipment Machine Tool Design and Research Institute also released a number of new products. During the visit, more than 20 best-selling or newly-released products and functional components were exhibited, such as the five-axis bridge gantry, the double-spindle compound turning center, the new-generation vertical turning center, and a variety of gantry milling heads which are independently developed by Neway. The event lasted for two days and won unanimous praise from the participants.


      IMG_4748 副本.jpg

      IMG_4812 副本.JPG

      Through this event, overseas agents and customers have further understood the strength and development of Neway CNC Equipment, and they expressed their confidence in future cooperation. What’s more, the successful holding of this event has greatly enhanced the cohesiveness of overseas agents and the brand influence of Neway, laying a solid foundation for the continued expansion of overseas markets.

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