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      "Rigidity King"-a new generation of NL-HP series CNC Lathe


      With the upgrading of the manufacturing industry, higher requirements are placed on the performance of processing equipment. Neway CNC Equipment adheres to the concept of creating value for customers, relying on years of technology accumulation and rich experience in R&D and manufacturing, and launches a new generation of NL-HP series CNC horizontal lathes with stronger rigidity. This series of machines optimize the design of key components such as the bed, spindle, and tool holder. The rigidity, efficiency, and accuracy of the machines are greatly improved. It is suitable for precession machining of automotive parts, construction machinery, civil aviation, molds, communications, electronics and other industries.




      ●  Larger spindle-The diameter of the spindle bearing is increased to φ110mm. Both front and rear bearings adopt high-rigidity double row cylindrical rollers. The front two and rear four bearings are equipped with 6 rows of bearing rollers. The overall rigidity is increased by more than 30%. The hole diameter is correspondingly increased to φ76mm, the bar passing diameter is increased to φ66mm, and the bar processing capacity is increased by 44%;

      ●  Higher torque-The spindle motor power is increased to 11/15kW, the output torque is 105/191N.m, which is increased by 90%, stronger cutting ability, and higher processing efficiency. Equipped with spindle ring encoder, high feedback accuracy, long life of fully enclosed structure;

      ●  Faster speed——The X and Z axes are equipped with high-rigidity and high-load roller guides, which increase the rigidity by 35%.  Selecting higher-grade feed screw, the feed motor is increased to 1.8kW, and the output torque is 11N·m. X-axis rapid traverse speed is 30m/min, Z-axis rapid traverse speed is 36m/min, cutting feed rigidity is good, and the speed is faster;

      ●  Stronger tool holder--The center height of the tool holder is increased from 80mm to 100mm, the overall rigidity of the tool holder is greatly improved, the tool change is stable , equipped with standard 12-station tool holder, more processes can be easily completed ;

      ●  Richer configuration-The machine tool adopts a modular design and has a wealth of options and configurations, which can be easily selected: electric spindle, hydraulic/servo tailstock, servo tool post, tool setting instrument, bar machine, etc. The processing capacity is expanded and improved.

      The new generation of NL-HP series high-performance CNC lathes launched by Neway CNC Equipment will better meet the requirements of high-end customers and create greater value for customers with excellent cost performance.

      For more details, please contact: E-mail:victor.hou@neway.com.cn / 86-512-6239 2186

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