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      Neway CNC equipment won Suzhou Quality Award


       Recently, at the theme activity of "quality month" in Suzhou, the list of Suzhou Quality Awards in 2021 was announced, and Neway CNC equipment won the award.

      Suzhou Quality Award is a quality honor established by Suzhou Quality Award Evaluation Committee. It is awarded to Suzhou enterprises and organizations pursuing excellent performance in total quality management and business performance.  Suzhou Quality Award focuses on innovation, fully superimposes the management advantages of "excellent enterprise" and the optimal quality attributes of "excellent product", and expands the credibility and influence of brand certification of Suzhou Quality Award and "Made in Suzhou" and promote the effective integration of various works on quality brand.

      Neway CNC equipment will take this opportunity to make persistent efforts, strengthen quality management innovation and continue to pursue excellent performance, continuously improve product and service quality, and strive to provide global customers with high-quality products and a complete of metal cutting solutions.


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