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      Automatic Box Processing Line

      Automatic Box Processing Line
      • Product Overview
      • Product features
      • Technical Parameters
        The project is composed of dozens of horizontal machining centers, which cooperate with the automatic loading and unloading of truss manipulator. The machine tool works 300 days a year and is produced in three shifts, 21.3 hours a day, with an annual output of 200000 pieces. The beat of the production line is ≤ 96 seconds / piece (including all auxiliary time such as loading and unloading time of manipulator 25 seconds, probe replacement time and detection time). The part processing content CMK ≥ 1.67

        typical workpiece
        101.jpgEngine cylinder
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        01、Truss robot with superior performance

        Compact structure design , no motor on Mechanical joint ,6 axis joint movement .all axis with RV speed gear box , high performance FANUC servo system , reposition accuracy :±0.07.

        02、 Compound claw

        Pneumatic control compound gripper, which can turn 90 degrees and has buffer function, is suitable for workpiece loading and unloading of different machine tools.


        03、Circulating material channel

        Multiple workpieces can be placed for circulation, only one worker is needed for manual loading and unloading, and there is a material retaining cylinder and detection device.

        04、Sampling inspection slide

        The turnover device is generally located between two lathes and is pneumatically controlled for 180 degree rotation of the workpiece for U-turn turning.

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