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      Automatic Oil Circuit Valve Processing Line

      Automatic Oil Circuit Valve Processing Line
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        The automatic line is composed of two hm50td horizontal machining centers and one vm1160h vertical machining center. Combined with joint robot + ground rail automatic line, it can meet the processing of 22 kinds of valve bodies and has expansibility. The production line is connected with MES information system to realize data sharing in the process of valve body processing, and realize the full automation of production processes such as material identification, loading, clamping, turnover, processing and blanking. The processing efficiency of the valve body is increased by more than 50%, and the manufacturing cost is reduced by 18%.

        typical workpiece
        image.pngOil circuit valve
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        01、prominent trusswork production line

        X axis traverse speed adjustable between 80-120m/min; Z axis 50-130m/min.

        02、compound manipulator

        Pneumatic manipulator, swings 90 degree.

        03、loading and unloading

        Need one worker loading/unloading/inspecting here.

        04、inspection device

        The tumbler in controlled by a pneumatic device to turn 180 degrees for machining the other side.

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