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      Claw Pole Processing Automatic Line

      Claw Pole Processing Automatic Line
      • Product Overview
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      • Technical Parameters

        The automatic claw pole processing line is composed of two nl201hc horizontal CNC lathes, truss manipulator, rotating silo, turnover station, manual sampling station and other equipment to realize the automatic claw pole processing. The beat of the whole line is 46 seconds / piece, with an annual output of about 500000 pieces.


        vClaw pole
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        01. Truss part carrier with excellent performance

        The fast moving speed of X / Z axis can be different according to the weight of the processed workpiece and the specification of the manipulator. Generally, the fast moving speed of X axis can reach 80 ~ 210 M / min and Z axis can reach 50 ~ 130 m / min.

        02. Mechanical double station claw

        The mechanical gripper adopts the rotary double station design, which can turn 90 degrees to realize the loading and unloading of the machine tool and the handling of the workpiece.

        03.  Rotating silo

        The rotary silo can store 60 pieces at one time, which can meet the processing of a single line for 45 minutes.

        04. Sampling inspection

        The automatic line is equipped with manual sampling inspection station, which can set the sampling inspection frequency, and the manipulator will put the processed parts into the sampling inspection station.

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