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      Automatic Box Cover Parts Processing Line

      Automatic Box Cover Parts Processing Line
      • Product Overview
      • Product features
      • Technical Parameters
        There are two automatic lines in the project, one line processes three types of boxes of gasoline saws and one line processes two types of boxes of irrigation mowers. The automatic line is equipped with visual recognition during the processing from blank to finished product, which realizes three types of boxes of gasoline saw and two types of boxes of irrigation mower. During automatic processing, various models can be switched freely; The automatic line is equipped with an automatic detection system. In the whole operation process of the automatic line, there is no need to detect the size manually. At the same time, it is equipped with intelligent SPC display, which can display the processed products, quantity, product size, qualification rate and data analysis. One person is on duty, and an automatic processing production line composed of 13 machine tools is realized.

        typical workpiece
        Box cover parts
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        01. Robots with excellent performance

        carries the work piece quickly in a narrow space.

        02. Work piece intelligent recognision.

        Advanced intelligent recognition technology recognizes vavious work pieces.

        03. Universal fixture

        for various work pieces

        04. Inspection

        the production line may be equipped with manual inspeciton with certain frequency. the robot selects the finished product at random and places them near to the inspector.

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